About Soho

Soho is a well-loved, unique, and vibrant neighbourhood that sits at the heart of Westminster.

Soho is characterised by a complex mix of uses at both street level and on the floors above. It is the traditional home of the UK’s media and film industry and has an extensive food and drink offer. The neighbourhood also has a number of famous music and entertainment venues and has thriving night-life scene, yet is also home to many, diverse residents that sit at the centre of the community.

As a result, a varied mix of users comes to and moves through Soho every day: this includes residents, shoppers, tourists, workers, and visitors to Soho.

Challenges facing Soho

Soho has faced a number of challenges over the past few years, including large scale developments and concerns about the loss of the traditional features and character of the area. However, most notably the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has put significant additional pressure on the neighbourhood and its businesses.

Westminster City Council is committed to ensuring Soho emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic a greener, better connected, and vibrant neighbourhood to live, work and play. This will be the centrepiece of a new vision for Soho.



Consultation and Feedback

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